Synchronized Rally at Mike Kelly's office Sat Dec 1st 11AM

From: "MARK ADAMS" <erieforobama@PROTECTED>
Subject: Synchronized Rally at Mike Kelly's office Sat Dec 1st 11AM
Date: November 29th 2012
The synchronized rally begins Sat Dec 1st at 11 AM at Mike Kelly's office at 208 Bayfront Bikeway, Erie, PA 16507. Why is it synchronized? Because there will be rally's at all of Mike Kelly's offices at the same time and date all over the 3rd CD. He needs to hear from us.

The Fiscal Cliff battle is on. Everyone knows Mike Kelly will continue to support the 2% percent. Our group wishes to bring to the spotlight Mike's refusal to fight for the working families of the 3rd Congressional district.
The White House is beginning an awareness campaign on Friday, because of the extra $2,200 in taxes it says the average family will pay if all the George W. Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of the year. Therefore he is encouraging people to call their representitive (Mike Kelly 814-454-8190) or Glenn Thompson (his nearest office is in Titusville so call his Washington Office at (202) 225-5121) and tell them why you need to keep your $2,200 instead of giving tax cuts to the top 2%.

The Census bureau reports there are approximately 108,000 households in Erie county so at $ 2,200 per household the Erie economy will lose approximately 238 million dollars. If you were buying pizza's at $ 5 each, that would take over 47 millions pizza's out of the Erie County's economy or about 68 Million gallons of Milk. Mike Kelly would rather see the Erie economy lose $ 238 Million in commerce, just so he can protect the top 2%. That's why its called the fiscal cliff.

Let your voice be heard...Just join us for half an hour on Saturday and remember to call your Representative. For information about the rally, please contact Cate Keger at 814-864-0826

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