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Two recent articles

January 26th 2012

Two recent articles of possible interest to our members: 1) Op-Ed in Erie Times News on Jan 24 just before the President's SOTU Address: "Middle class must remain America's economic engine" by Evan Geraniotis, with a pre-ample on the SOTU address' focus on the middle class ... link: [1][2] (as usual the article that appeared in ETN was shortened and toned down; the ...Continue Reading

My Recent Erie Times News Op-Ed and LEAD article

November 19th 2011

Friends My recent Op-Ed in Erie Times News published on Sat 11/19: "Super Committee could cut deficits, help job creation, but it won't", link: [1] and my article in LEAD = Lake Erie Alliance for Democracy posted on Fri 11/18: "We Need Immediate Action on Jobs, Not Obstructionism", link: [2] Evan Geranioti ...Continue Reading

Canvassing this Saturday 10/29/11

October 27th 2011

Canvassing this Saturday 10/29/11 Join OFA this Saturday to CANVASS for our LOCAL Democratic Candidates. WHEN >> Saturday 10/29/11 from 10 AM to 3PMWhere>>> ECDP/OFA HQ at 1305 State Street We will have walk sheets for mostly Millcreek (at this time) to get out our voters on election day which is (Tuesday November 8th, 2011.) We are going to AGGRESIVELY expand our canvassing efforts and will be adding Phone Banking VERY SOON. SO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR FURTHER UPDATES!! Plan on working ...Continue Reading

Major Jobs Speech Watch Party Sept 8th, 6PM

September 4th 2011

Major Jobs Speech Watch Party Sept 8th, 6PM \[\-\-CEgGbJ3UDM_TMPopen_imgDM_TMPCEgGbJ3U\-\-\][IMAGE]\[\-\-CEgGbJ3UDM_TMP/open_imgDM_TMPCEgGbJ3U\-\-\] Join your OFA friends and watch the President speak to a joint Session of Congress. Sign up at this link. [1] Trouble signing's the details. Time:Thursday, September 8, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Host: Host:Emily Cowan Location: Location:Papa Joes Pepperoni Cafe (Erie, PA) 3826 Wes ...Continue Reading

Reminder Obama/Biden 2012 Kickoff event 7pm Wed night

August 23rd 2011

Reminder Obama/Biden 2012 Kickoff event 7pm Wed night \[\-\-2pUFaupEDM_TMPopen_imgDM_TMP2pUFaupE\-\-\][IMAGE]\[\-\-2pUFaupEDM_TMP/open_imgDM_TMP2pUFaupE\-\-\] Just reminding you to attend the Kick off of the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign in Erie County Tomorrow Night (Wed ) Grassroots Planning Session in Erie Time: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Location: Papa Joes Pepperoni Cafe 3826 West Ridge Road Erie, PA 16506 You can view the details of this event at any time by going to: [1] ...Continue Reading

Obama/Biden 2012 Erie County PA Campaign kick off Event Wed aug 24th 7 pm

August 15th 2011

Obama/Biden 2012 Erie County PA Campaign kick off Event Wed aug 24th 7 pm \[\-\-oY5FuEEaDM_TMPopen_imgDM_TMPoY5FuEEa\-\-\][IMAGE]\[\-\-oY5FuEEaDM_TMP/open_imgDM_TMPoY5FuEEa\-\-\] I am thrilled to Welcome Emily Cowan to Erie County, she is the first official organizer of the 2012 campaign to land in Erie county and she will be with us until we WIN in November 2012. She will need everyones support in promoting the President in his reelection bid. We are hosting on Wednesday August 24th 7 PM, a meet an ...Continue Reading

Articles of Interest in Erie Lead and other websites -- Part II

June 8th 2011

Friends I provide below titles and links for recent articles (and some older ones) by local writers Don Swift, Steve Kiester, Bob Cogan and Richard Miller. Since I joined Facebook in late February, I have posted the articles of the first three writers above on my Facebook Wall, Dick Miller has his own website, link: [1] Evan Geraniotis 1) Recent Articles by Don Swift Daily Kos (June 1); title is part of the link: [2] ...Continue Reading

Articles of interest in Erie Times News, Erie Lead and other Websites -- Part I

June 8th 2011

Friends I have not send out e-mail message to you since March 24 and 25. This is because, for the last 10 weeks I have been focusing my messaging efforts on Facebook which provides a platform for a more interactive exchange than e-mail. There is nothing wrong with e-mail as a broadcast and communication medium, but Facebook (FB) provides a platform for a more user-friendly interactive multi-media exchange. In this context I urge you to take a look at it, register in FB (you only need a valid ...Continue Reading

Republicans Slip From Unprecedented Lead to a Tie in Gallup Survey

September 8th 2010

Friends I attach a recent article from Roll Call that discuss the results of the recent Gallup survey, according to this Democrats and Republicans are again tied in the generic ballot. Though, this is a piece of good news given the unprecedented 10 point advantage for GOP shown in a previous Gallup Poll, it is hardly a cause for celebration. Remember the Republicans usually do a better job than us during the midterms. Their voters tend to be older and more white, a more typical profile of the ...Continue Reading

Tea Party Manifesto for GOP Candidates

September 3rd 2010

Friends The following scary article from ThinkProgress cites what came out of the Freedom Institute of Erie County OH, a local Tea Party outfit in our neighboring State. It describes the Tea Party Manifesto and the litmus test that Ohio Republicans must pass to get the support of the Tea Party. Pay attention to items 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14. They get rid of abortion rights and gay rights, leave Climate Change to God, repeal Health Care Reform, do not allow Gays in the military, expose ...Continue Reading
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