Email blast and web site posting

We are instituting a new policy regarding our website effective immediately. In an effort to defray website cost we will charge all users for website post and/or eblast.

Website post will include all our social media posting such as Facebook and others. Cost will be five dollars ($5) per post or per eblast. For a fifty-dollar ($50) payment a user may post and send multiple eblasts for an entire election period. Periods are defined as Jan.1 to May 31st for Primary and June 1 to December 31st for General Election Periods. Payment may be made online at donate button or arrangements with Chairman Cole at or by phone (814) 520-2431. Payments are made prior to posting unless authorized otherwise by the Party Chair. As in the past we will continue the right to refuse any post or requested eblast. Thank you.

This includes all email blasts and web sites posts for either a primary election season or a general election season.
One time email blast or web site post. Be sure to check BOTH options if you want both an email blast and also a web site post.
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