Statement for Erie Dem Chair Bill Cole on County Executive Race

Citizens of Erie County,

The recent spate ads released by the Oligeri campaign aptly demonstrate the depths a candidate will descend when lacking a platform, is bereft of vision and devoid of political decency. Profound negativity, baseless accusations and distasteful innuendos only serve to undermine the entire political process. The voters are turned off, disillusioned, disgusted with the entire political process. They look for leadership, inspiration, and motivation but receive unadulterated ugliness from the very persons they sought out for guidance. Disgruntled and confused they refuse to vote often abandon participation in the political arena entirely.   Regretfully, unfounded accusations, mudslinging, and charlatan deception have been the hallmarks of the Oligeri campaign.

Fortunately the other races in Erie County have remained well within the parameters of civility. I encourage the voters not to be dismayed by the devilish antics of the Oligeri campaign and to take solace in the upstanding campaigns being conducted by the majority of local candidates. The electorate should volunteer for campaigns, praise the candidates for their positive presentations and not be dismayed from voting on Election Day.

The calls, text and emails coming to me from the citizens of Erie County compel me to ask Art Oligeri to immediately cease the negative campaigning and to pull his untrue, mean spirited fake campaign ads. The citizens of Erie County want more, deserve better and will only get true progress by voting for Kathy Dahlkemper for Erie County Executive on November 7.

Bill Cole

Chairman Erie County Democratic Party